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During March we have Special Offers and more for you!

Special Offers on equineline Reports for Account Customers ** :

  • Mare's Produce w/Tab Race Records, Auction Results & Videos (No. 20P)
    Our most complete Mare Produce Record, providing you with the most comprehensive global information available.

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  • Sire's Crop Analysis by Crop Year (No. 32 & 32Q)
    Select a stallion and crop year to see how his foals in that crop performed. A tabulated race record for each foal is provided.

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  • Free Racing Recap- for Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses
    Stakes races, Allowance races and Maiden winners
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  • Free Feature Portfolios
    Check out and keep updated on the current top male and female horses as well as their families
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  • 5-Cross Pedigrees - Including Hypotheticals
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  • Free Auction Results Search
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Report Descriptions:
No. 20P - Mare Produce Record with Tabulated Race Records, Auction Results And Videos

This comprehensive Mare Produce Record is divided into 3 main sections: Section 1 provides an overall summary of the mare's produce history along with earnings, race class, most recent auction history and more for both the mare & her foals. Section 2 provides detailed auction history for the mare & her foals. Section 3 provides tabulated race records for the mare & her foals.

No. 32 & 32Q - Sire's Crop Analysis - Crop Year

This report contains a 2-cross pedigree, inbreeding, dosage and tabulated race record on the requested sire, and lists all registered foals in a requested crop year, with a tabulated race record for each foal. Also included are an abbreviated statistical sire summary and the state in which the requested sire is presently standing along with the Starts Percentile Ranking (SPR).


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** IMPORTANT: Customers must have an account to take advantage of these specials. Customers who order equineline reports by credit card (requiring you to enter your credit card information with each order) are not eligible for these specials.

* "Q" reports are available through for Quarter Horses.