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InCompass Financial Services Account Access

Welcome to the sign-up page!

You're just a few steps away from establishing a Universal ID for FREE on-line access to your Horsemen's Bookkeeper statements via the web.

Who should use this sign-up page? You should, if you would like to do any of the following:
  • Create a "Universal ID" which can be used to access any of the below services, rather than having separate ID's for each.
  • Access Horsemen’s Bookkeeper Statements on-line from any participating track.
    • Create a consolidated statement from the tracks you select.
    • View a consolidated transaction summary from these tracks.
  • Access IFS Funds Transfer from participating eligible tracks.
    • Transfer Funds Free of Charge.
  • Access equineline Reports for both Thoroughbreds and American Quarter Horses.
    • A wide array of report such as pedigrees, race records, nicking reports and much more.
    • Signing up here will enable your account to be billed monthly for any reports you purchase.
    • This is not a subscription-based service
  • Subscribe to Portfolio Service.
    • Enjoy the many benefits of the first online continuously updated equine portfolio manager.
    • Available for Both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses!
  • Access The Jockey Club's Interactive Registration.
    • Register, name and transfer ownership of your Thoroughbreds quickly and easily.
    • This is not a subscription-based service