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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint 3yo f Sprint
3yo c/g Route Dirt 3yo f Route Dirt
3yo c/g Route Turf 3yo f Route Turf
4up c/g Sprint 4up f Sprint
4up c/g Route Dirt 4up f Route Dirt
4up c/g Route Turf 4up f Route Turf
2yo c/g All 2yo f All
S <8 fur, on dirt ST <=7 fur, on turf
M >= 8 <=9 fur, on dirt MT >7 and <=9 fur, on turf
I >9 and <11 fur, on dirt IT >9 and <11 fur, on turf
L >=11 fur, on dirt LT >=11 fur, on turf
Sprint = S, ST
Route Dirt = M, I, L
Route Turf = MT, IT, LT