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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
2yo f All
Thru 6/30/2024

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Vodka With a TwistF2S104.006/30/2024 CD 1Debutante S.L
West MemorialF2S102.405/2/2024 CD 1Kentucky Juvenile S.O
AorakiF2S102.206/6/2024 SAR2Astoria S.O
BulletF2ST100.605/11/2024 GP 1Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
WhatintheliteralF2S100.406/6/2024 SAR1Astoria S.O
French HornF2S99.206/6/2024 SAR3Astoria S.O
So There She WasF2S96.006/30/2024 CD 2Debutante S.L
You Need MeF2ST93.405/11/2024 GP 2Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
My EmmyF2ST91.405/11/2024 GP 3Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
Shoot It TrueF2S91.405/2/2024 CD 4Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Unchained ElaineF2ST90.405/11/2024 GP 4Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
Good Long CryF2ST89.405/11/2024 GP 5Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
Fortuna MiaF2S88.006/30/2024 CD 3Debutante S.L
AdeeraF2S85.006/30/2024 CD 5Debutante S.L
GleeF2S85.006/30/2024 CD 4Debutante S.L
Daisy DukeF2S84.806/30/2024 CD 6Debutante S.L
Perfect ShancesF2ST84.405/11/2024 GP 7Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
Baytown ButterflyF2S84.206/6/2024 SAR4Astoria S.O
Bois BlancF2ST83.405/11/2024 GP 6Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
BiscuitwiththebossF2S80.206/6/2024 SAR6Astoria S.O
Bunratty Manor (IRE)F2ST77.405/11/2024 GP 8Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies S.O
The Queens M GF2S71.206/6/2024 SAR7Astoria S.O
La MarineraF2S70.806/30/2024 CD 7Debutante S.L