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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
2yo f All
Thru 8/4/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Amalfi SunriseF2S109.008/3/2019 DMR1Sorrento S.2
Perfect AlibiF2S108.008/4/2019 SAR1Adirondack S.2
Frank's RocketteF2S107.008/4/2019 SAR2Adirondack S.2
Magic DanceF2S106.008/4/2019 SAR3Adirondack S.2
ComicalF2S104.607/11/2019 SAR1Schuylerville S.3
Kiss the GirlF2S103.607/11/2019 SAR2Schuylerville S.3
MaryanorgingerF2S103.606/6/2019 BEL1Astoria S.O
Miss PeppinaF2S103.008/4/2019 SAR4Adirondack S.2
ShippyF2S102.607/11/2019 SAR3Schuylerville S.3
Cholula LipsF2S101.006/29/2019 CD 2Debutante S.L
Miss J McKayF2ST100.758/4/2019 MTH3Colleen S.O
Talk You Out of ItF2S100.606/6/2019 BEL3Astoria S.O
KarakF2ST100.008/3/2019 MTH1Tyro S.O
ShedaresthedevilF2S100.008/3/2019 DMR3Sorrento S.2
Fast SceneF2S99.807/6/2019 WO 1My Dear S.L
Lenzi's Lucky LadyF2S99.406/28/2019 GP 1Golden Isles S.O
PowerfulattractionF2S95.008/3/2019 DMR2Sorrento S.2
Big QF2S94.008/4/2019 SAR5Adirondack S.2
Lady GlamourF2S94.006/29/2019 CD 3Debutante S.L
Foolish HumorF2ST91.758/4/2019 MTH1Colleen S.O
Mean SophiaF2S90.805/1/2019 CD 4Kentucky Juvenile S.O
MylastfirstkissF2S90.008/4/2019 SAR6Adirondack S.2
Secretly WickedF2S89.805/1/2019 CD 5Kentucky Juvenile S.O
ReiterateF2S89.606/6/2019 BEL4Astoria S.O
Shanghai KeelyF2S89.008/3/2019 DMR4Sorrento S.2
IntegralF2S88.607/11/2019 SAR5Schuylerville S.3
Bahamian GirlF2S88.406/28/2019 GP 3Golden Isles S.O
Curlin's VoyageF2S88.207/7/2019 WO 2Victoria S.L
JustleaveitaloneF2S87.807/6/2019 WO 2My Dear S.L
Copper GemF2S86.807/6/2019 WO 3My Dear S.L