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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Route Dirt
Thru 4/7/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Midnight BisouF4M114.803/16/2019 OP 1Azeri S.2
Secret SpiceF4M111.803/30/2019 SA 1Beholder Mile S.1
ElateF5M110.803/16/2019 OP 2Azeri S.2
Shamrock RoseF4M109.803/16/2019 OP 3Azeri S.2
Marley's FreedomF5M108.803/30/2019 SA 2Beholder Mile S.1
Escape ClauseF5M107.251/12/2019 SA 1La Canada S.3
Divine Miss GreyF5M107.203/10/2019 AQU1Heavenly Prize Invitational S.L
BlamedF4M107.002/16/2019 GP 1Royal Delta S.3
She's a JulieF4M107.002/18/2019 OP 1Bayakoa S.3
Paradise WoodsF5M106.803/30/2019 SA 3Beholder Mile S.1
SelcourtF5M105.803/30/2019 SA 4Beholder Mile S.1
TequilitaF5M105.002/16/2019 GP 3Royal Delta S.3
Princess WarriorF4M104.403/9/2019 TP 1Latonia S.O
Moonlit GardenF5M104.201/27/2019 HOU2Houston Ladies Classic S.3
MopotismF5M103.803/30/2019 SA 5Beholder Mile S.1
HeavenhasmynikkiF4M103.201/27/2019 HOU3Houston Ladies Classic S.3
Jala Jala (MEX)F5M103.002/16/2019 GP 2Royal Delta S.3
Forever LieslF5M102.001/20/2019 AQU1Ladies H.L
Promise of SpringF5M102.002/18/2019 OP 2Bayakoa S.3
Enchanted GhostF4M101.402/18/2019 LRL1Maryland Racing Media S.O
Tapa Tapa TapaF5M100.603/16/2019 OP 4Azeri S.2
Timeless CurlsF4M100.001/12/2019 LRL1Nellie Morse S.O
K P WildcatF6M99.251/12/2019 SA 2La Canada S.3
EqhoF6M98.403/9/2019 TP 2Latonia S.O
Indy's LadyF4M98.402/18/2019 LRL2Maryland Racing Media S.O
Silent SonetF5M98.403/9/2019 TP 3Latonia S.O
Strawberry TequilaF5M98.403/9/2019 TP 4Latonia S.O
Split TimeF4M98.203/10/2019 AQU2Heavenly Prize Invitational S.L
Eskimo KissesF4M97.803/16/2019 OP 5Azeri S.2
RemedyF4M97.201/27/2019 HOU4Houston Ladies Classic S.3