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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Route Dirt
Thru 6/28/2020

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Midnight BisouF5M118.206/27/2020 CD 1Fleur de Lis S.2
Ce CeF4M115.004/18/2020 OP 1Apple Blossom H.1
Serengeti EmpressF4M115.003/14/2020 OP 1Azeri S.2
She's a JulieF5M113.806/13/2020 BEL1Ogden Phipps S.1
Ollie's CandyF5M113.004/18/2020 OP 2Apple Blossom H.1
Fighting MadF4M111.755/31/2020 SA 1Santa Maria S.2
Point of HonorF4M111.606/13/2020 BEL2Ogden Phipps S.1
Lady AppleF4M110.001/26/2020 HOU1Houston Ladies Classic S.3
Golden AwardF5M109.752/15/2020 GP 2Royal Delta S.3
Dunbar RoadF4M109.505/23/2020 CD 1Shawnee S.O
Street BandF4M109.001/26/2020 HOU3Houston Ladies Classic S.3
Street BandF4M109.004/18/2020 OP 4Apple Blossom H.1
Hard Not to LoveF4M108.333/14/2020 SA 2Beholder Mile S.1
Mylady CurlinF5M108.001/26/2020 HOU4Houston Ladies Classic S.3
Mylady CurlinF5M108.003/14/2020 OP 2Azeri S.2
Go Google YourselfF5M107.252/17/2020 OP 1Bayakoa S.3
HorologistF4M107.003/14/2020 LRL2Nellie Morse S.O
Chocolate KissesF4M106.505/23/2020 CD 2Shawnee S.O
Whoa NellieF4M106.252/17/2020 OP 2Bayakoa S.3
Queen Bee to YouF6M106.001/11/2020 SA 1La Canada S.3
Queen NekiaF5M105.752/15/2020 GP 3Royal Delta S.3
Lucky MoveF6M105.406/17/2020 DEL1Obeah S.L
ArrifanaF4M105.333/14/2020 LRL1Nellie Morse S.O
BelleraF4M105.251/19/2020 AQU1Ladies H.O
SaracosaF5M105.004/18/2020 OP 5Apple Blossom H.1
Cookie DoughF4M104.752/15/2020 GP 1Royal Delta S.3
Crimson FrostF6M104.663/8/2020 AQU1Heavenly Prize Invitational S.L
VaultF4M104.505/23/2020 CD 3Shawnee S.O
Awe EmmaF5M103.505/23/2020 CD 4Shawnee S.O
Der LuF4M103.331/11/2020 SA 2La Canada S.3