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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Route Turf
Thru 4/7/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Avie's FlatterC3MT106.254/5/2019 KEE1Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
A Thread of BlueC3MT105.753/2/2019 GP 1Palm Beach S.3
Henley's JoyC3MT105.254/5/2019 KEE2Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
The Black Album (FR)C3MT104.254/5/2019 KEE3Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
Casa CreedC3MT103.753/2/2019 GP 2Palm Beach S.3
Marquee PrinceC3MT103.603/30/2019 GP 4Cutler Bay S.O
Louder Than BombsC3MT103.001/5/2019 GP 4Kitten's Joy S.L
Digital Age (IRE)C3MT102.003/9/2019 TAM1Columbia S.O
Stirling DriveG3MT102.001/5/2019 GP 6Kitten's Joy S.L
Seismic WaveC3MT101.803/30/2019 GP 1Cutler Bay S.O
Forever MoC3MT101.603/9/2019 TAM2Columbia S.O
War FilmC3MT101.254/5/2019 KEE4Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
CurrentC3MT101.002/3/2019 GP 3Dania Beach S.L
English BeeC3MT100.603/9/2019 TAM5Columbia S.O
Global AccessC3MT100.603/9/2019 TAM3Columbia S.O
Onthewaytonevrland (IRE)G3MT100.254/5/2019 KEE5Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
Art G Is BackC3MT99.603/30/2019 GP 3Cutler Bay S.O
Bluegrass ParkwayC3MT99.603/9/2019 TAM4Columbia S.O
Royal UrnC3MT98.601/5/2019 GP 3Kitten's Joy S.L
Jerome AvenueC3MT96.603/9/2019 TAM6Columbia S.O
Moon ColonyC3MT96.401/5/2019 GP 5Kitten's Joy S.L
Bourbon in MayC3MT94.001/5/2019 GP 7Kitten's Joy S.L
King OttokarC3MT92.753/2/2019 GP 5Palm Beach S.3
Mr Wrench ItC3MT91.603/9/2019 TAM8Columbia S.O
Weekly CallC3MT90.254/5/2019 KEE7Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
ShazierC3MT88.801/5/2019 GP 8Kitten's Joy S.L
Crosstown ShootoutG3MT87.603/9/2019 TAM9Columbia S.O
DunphG3MT87.254/5/2019 KEE8Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
Dakota's DudeC3MT85.001/5/2019 GP 9Kitten's Joy S.L
Shootin the BreezeC3MT84.002/3/2019 GP 7Dania Beach S.L