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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Route Turf
Thru 9/10/2023

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Program Trading (GB)R3IT113.408/5/2023 SAR1Saratoga Derby Invitational S.1
WebslingerG3IT112.608/5/2023 SAR2Saratoga Derby Invitational S.1
Far BridgeC3IT112.007/8/2023 BEL1Belmont Derby Invitational S.1
Major DudeC3MT110.605/6/2023 CD 3American Turf S. presented by BMW2
Program Trading (GB)R3MT110.409/9/2023 CNL2New Kent County Virginia Derby3
Mondego (GB)C3IT110.007/8/2023 BEL3Belmont Derby Invitational S.1
The Foxes (IRE)C3IT110.007/8/2023 BEL2Belmont Derby Invitational S.1
GiganteC3MT109.808/12/2023 CNL1Secretariat S.2
KalikC3MT109.606/3/2023 BEL1Pennine Ridge S.2
Silver Knott (GB)C3MT109.606/3/2023 BEL3Pennine Ridge S.2
IntegrationC3MT109.409/9/2023 CNL1New Kent County Virginia Derby3
NagirrocC3MT108.808/12/2023 CNL2Secretariat S.2
Carl Spackler (IRE)C3MT108.409/1/2023 SAR1Saranac S.3
More Than LooksC3MT108.208/11/2023 SAR3National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame S.2
Mo StashC3MT108.004/7/2023 KEE1Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
Talk of the NationC3MT108.009/2/2023 KD 1Gun Runner S.O
WebslingerG3MT108.005/6/2023 CD 1American Turf S. presented by BMW2
Far BridgeC3MT107.605/6/2023 CD 2American Turf S. presented by BMW2
Far BridgeC3MT107.606/3/2023 BEL2Pennine Ridge S.2
ConcludeC3MT106.809/3/2023 DMR1Caesars Sportsbook Del Mar Derby2
WadsworthG3MT106.809/2/2023 KD 2Gun Runner S.O
JohannesC3MT106.204/2/2023 SA 1Pasadena S.L
Maltese Falcon (IRE)G3MT106.009/3/2023 DMR2Caesars Sportsbook Del Mar Derby2
Wizard of WestwoodC3IT106.009/3/2023 KD 4National Thoroughbred League Dueling Grounds Derby3
AndthewinnerisC3MT105.801/28/2023 HOU1Bob Bork Texas Turf Mile S.O
Battle of NormandyC3IT105.608/5/2023 SAR4Saratoga Derby Invitational S.1
Private CreedC3MT105.201/28/2023 HOU2Bob Bork Texas Turf Mile S.O
AnglophileC3IT105.009/3/2023 KD 1National Thoroughbred League Dueling Grounds Derby3
CandidateG3MT105.001/7/2023 GP 1Dania Beach S.L
Classical CatC3MT104.807/21/2023 DMR2Caesars Sportsbook Oceanside S.LR