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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Route Turf
Thru 6/2/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
A Thread of BlueC3MT109.605/4/2019 CD 2American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Digital Age (IRE)C3MT109.605/4/2019 CD 1American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Seismic WaveC3MT109.206/1/2019 BEL2Pennine Ridge S.3
Moon ColonyC3MT108.006/1/2019 PEN1Penn Mile S.2
Avie's FlatterC3MT107.605/4/2019 CD 6American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Social ParanoiaC3MT107.605/4/2019 CD 3American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Demarchelier (GB)C3MT106.406/1/2019 BEL1Pennine Ridge S.3
Clint Maroon (GB)G3MT106.006/1/2019 BEL5Pennine Ridge S.3
Henley's JoyC3MT106.006/1/2019 BEL4Pennine Ridge S.3
War FilmC3MT105.605/4/2019 CD 5American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Casa CreedC3MT105.006/1/2019 PEN2Penn Mile S.2
Neptune's StormG3MT105.006/2/2019 SA 1Cinema S.O
The Black Album (FR)C3MT104.605/4/2019 CD 7American Turf S. presented by Ram Trucks2
Real NewsC3MT104.006/1/2019 PEN3Penn Mile S.2
Marquee PrinceC3MT103.603/30/2019 GP 4Cutler Bay S.O
English BeeC3MT103.205/18/2019 PIM1James W. Murphy S.L
Louder Than BombsC3MT103.001/5/2019 GP 4Kitten's Joy S.L
Standard DeviationC3MT103.006/1/2019 MTH1Tale of the Cat S.O
King of SpeedC3MT102.006/2/2019 SA 3Cinema S.O
Stirling DriveG3MT102.001/5/2019 GP 6Kitten's Joy S.L
Vow Me NowC3MT101.805/4/2019 GP 1English Channel S.O
Forever MoC3MT101.603/9/2019 TAM2Columbia S.O
Art G Is BackC3MT101.205/4/2019 GP 2English Channel S.O
Global AccessC3MT100.603/9/2019 TAM3Columbia S.O
Onthewaytonevrland (IRE)G3MT100.254/5/2019 KEE5Kentucky Utilities Transylvania S.3
Forty UnderC3MT99.754/20/2019 AQU2Woodhaven S.O
Bluegrass ParkwayC3MT99.603/9/2019 TAM4Columbia S.O
Empire of WarC3MT99.006/1/2019 MTH2Tale of the Cat S.O
ParsimonyC3MT99.006/2/2019 SA 2Cinema S.O
Jasikan (IRE)C3MT98.604/28/2019 SA 3Singletary S.O
Royal UrnC3MT98.601/5/2019 GP 3Kitten's Joy S.L
Shining ThroughC3MT98.604/28/2019 SA 2Singletary S.O