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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Route Turf
Thru 5/12/2024

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
TrikariC3MT108.405/4/2024 CD 1American Turf S. presented by TwinSpires2
Formidable ManC3MT105.405/4/2024 CD 2American Turf S. presented by TwinSpires2
First World WarC3MT105.002/3/2024 GP 1Kitten's Joy S.3
NeatC3MT105.004/5/2024 KEE1Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
Stay HotR3MT104.603/16/2024 SA 1Pasadena S.O
Agate RoadC3MT104.401/6/2024 GP 2Dania Beach S.L
CuginoC3MT104.404/5/2024 KEE2Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
LagynosC3MT104.405/4/2024 CD 3American Turf S. presented by TwinSpires2
TocayoC3MT104.401/6/2024 GP 1Dania Beach S.L
Full NelsonC3MT103.203/9/2024 TAM1Columbia S.O
Good Lord LorrieC3MT103.204/27/2024 AQU1Woodhaven S.O
AbrumarC3MT103.003/2/2024 GP 1Colonel Liam S.L
HammersteinC3MT102.802/3/2024 GP 2Kitten's Joy S.3
Lord BullingdonC3MT102.403/16/2024 SA 3Pasadena S.O
The Big TorpedoC3MT102.204/27/2024 AQU2Woodhaven S.O
Please AdviseC3MT102.005/4/2024 GP 3English Channel S.O
SetC3MT101.803/30/2024 GP 1Cutler Bay S.O
Silent HeartC3MT101.803/2/2024 GP 3Colonel Liam S.L
Can GroupC3MT101.204/5/2024 KEE6Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
Freedom PrincipleC3MT101.005/4/2024 GP 1English Channel S.O
Move to GoldC3MT101.003/9/2024 TAM3Columbia S.O
Salvattore PrinceC3MT100.603/30/2024 GP 3Cutler Bay S.O
Guy Named JoeC3MT100.403/16/2024 SA 2Pasadena S.O
In a JamC3MT100.005/4/2024 GP 2English Channel S.O
PreventC3MT99.805/4/2024 GP 4English Channel S.O
Musical Act (IRE)G3MT99.404/5/2024 KEE5Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
DepictionC3MT99.204/5/2024 KEE7Transylvania S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
FulmineoC3MT99.203/9/2024 TAM2Columbia S.O
Walley WorldC3MT99.204/27/2024 AQU3Woodhaven S.O
Double Your MoneyC3MT98.803/30/2024 GP 2Cutler Bay S.O