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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Route Turf
Thru 6/28/2020

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Decorated InvaderC3MT113.206/20/2020 BEL1Pennine Ridge S.2
Smooth Like StraitC3MT108.505/23/2020 CD 1War Chant S.O
South BendC3MT107.502/29/2020 GP 3Palm Beach S.3
Vitalogy (GB)C3MT106.502/29/2020 GP 1Palm Beach S.3
Field PassC3MT106.006/20/2020 CD 1Audubon S.O
GufoC3MT106.005/2/2020 GP 1English Channel S.O
Hariboux (GB)G3MT105.406/6/2020 SA 1Cinema S.O
Doc BoyC3MT105.003/7/2020 TAM1Columbia S.L
TiestoC3MT104.502/29/2020 GP 2Palm Beach S.3
Bama BreezeG3MT104.006/20/2020 CD 2Audubon S.O
HieronymusC3MT104.002/29/2020 FG 1Black Gold S.O
Island CommishC3MT104.001/4/2020 GP 1Kitten's Joy S.3
BodecreamG3MT103.001/26/2020 HOU1Texas Turf Mile S.O
Get SmokinG3MT103.001/4/2020 GP 2Kitten's Joy S.3
Get SmokinG3MT103.002/1/2020 GP 2Dania Beach S.L
Irish MiasC3MT103.001/4/2020 GP 4Kitten's Joy S.3
Proven StrategiesC3MT103.005/2/2020 GP 2English Channel S.O
PixelateC3MT102.505/23/2020 CD 2War Chant S.O
Sassy But SmartC3MT102.502/29/2020 GP 4Palm Beach S.3
K P All Systems GoC3MT102.406/6/2020 SA 2Cinema S.O
MyamanoiC3MT101.752/1/2020 GP 4Dania Beach S.L
Summer to RememberC3MT101.333/28/2020 GP 4Cutler Bay S.O
FamishedC3MT100.752/1/2020 GP 5Dania Beach S.L
KanderelC3MT99.806/13/2020 GG 1Alcatraz S.O
ChapaluC3MT99.503/7/2020 TAM5Columbia S.L
AjourneytofreedomC3MT99.406/13/2020 GG 2Alcatraz S.O
Fenwick StationC3MT99.333/28/2020 GP 6Cutler Bay S.O
Heywoods BeachC3MT98.406/6/2020 SA 3Cinema S.O
Mr. KringleC3MT98.206/20/2020 BEL3Pennine Ridge S.2
VanzzyC3MT98.206/20/2020 BEL4Pennine Ridge S.2