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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo f Route Turf
Thru 6/2/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Concrete RoseF3MT112.405/3/2019 CD 1Edgewood S. presented by Forcht Bank3
Hostess (GB)F3MT109.206/1/2019 SA 2Honeymoon S.3
The Mackem Bullet (IRE)F3MT108.004/7/2019 KEE1Appalachian S. Presented by Japan Racing Association2
Lady Prancealot (IRE)F3MT107.406/1/2019 SA 1Honeymoon S.3
Newspaperofrecord (IRE)F3MT107.405/3/2019 CD 2Edgewood S. presented by Forcht Bank3
Maxim RateF3MT106.805/4/2019 SA 1Senorita S.3
A Bit Special (GB)F3MT105.502/3/2019 GP 1Sweetest Chant S.3
Regal GloryF3MT105.004/7/2019 KEE2Appalachian S. Presented by Japan Racing Association2
Regal GloryF3MT105.006/1/2019 PEN1Penn OaksL
DogtagF3MT104.205/17/2019 PIM1Hilltop S.O
Cambier ParcF3MT104.003/2/2019 GP 1Herecomesthebride S.3
LadymidtownF3MT103.805/4/2019 SA 3Senorita S.3
LakerballF3MT103.754/6/2019 SA 4Providencia S.3
Vow to RecoverF3MT103.405/4/2019 GP 1Honey Ryder S.O
Feel Glorious (GB)F3MT103.004/19/2019 AQU1Memories Of Silver S.L
Princesa CarolinaF3MT103.003/2/2019 GP 2Herecomesthebride S.3
Colonial CreedF3MT102.754/6/2019 SA 5Providencia S.3
TruffalinoF3MT102.754/6/2019 SA 6Providencia S.3
Bell's the OneF3MT102.403/9/2019 FG 1Allen Black Cat LaCombe Memorial S.O
BoxwoodF3MT102.401/5/2019 GP 1Ginger Brew S.L
Over EmphasizeF3MT102.406/1/2019 SA 3Honeymoon S.3
All Star Cast (IRE)F3MT101.805/4/2019 SA 5Senorita S.3
Winter SunsetF3MT101.803/9/2019 TAM3Florida Oaks3
Beautiful LoverF3MT101.005/25/2019 MTH1Boiling Springs S.O
Belle LauraF3MT101.003/2/2019 GP 3Herecomesthebride S.3
Pivottina (FR)F3MT101.001/5/2019 GP 2Ginger Brew S.L
Blowout (GB)F3MT100.803/9/2019 TAM2Florida Oaks3
ElsaF3MT100.803/9/2019 TAM8Florida Oaks3
Winning EnvelopeF3MT100.803/9/2019 TAM6Florida Oaks3
SeranitsaF3MT100.406/1/2019 SA 4Honeymoon S.3