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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Route Turf
Thru 4/7/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
VasilikaF5MT114.002/23/2019 SA 1Buena Vista S.2
Rymska (FR)F5MT110.803/9/2019 TAM1Hillsborough S.2
Elysea's World (IRE)F6IT109.403/30/2019 SA 1Santa Ana S.3
ValedictorianF5MT109.253/2/2019 GP 2Honey Fox S.3
Si Que Es Buena (ARG)F6LT109.001/26/2019 GP 1La Prevoyante S.3
Santa Monica (GB)F6LT108.403/29/2019 GP 1Orchid S.3
Holy HelenaF5IT108.003/2/2019 GP 1The Very One S.3
Ickymasho (GB)F7LT107.603/29/2019 GP 2Orchid S.3
BellavaisF5MT107.253/2/2019 GP 3Honey Fox S.3
Ickymasho (GB)F7IT107.253/2/2019 GP 2The Very One S.3
Pantsonfire (IRE)F5LT107.001/20/2019 SA 1Astra S.3
Streak of LuckF4MT107.002/23/2019 SA 2Buena Vista S.2
Viva VegasF5MT107.002/9/2019 TAM2Lambholm South Endeavour S.3
Hawksmoor (IRE)F6MT106.803/9/2019 TAM2Hillsborough S.2
Beau Recall (IRE)F5MT105.603/23/2019 FG 1New Orleans Ladies S.O
Lynne's LegacyF6IT105.403/30/2019 SA 3Santa Ana S.3
Hogans HolidayF4MT105.253/2/2019 GP 4Honey Fox S.3
Ms Bad BehaviorF4MT105.001/21/2019 SA 2Megahertz S.3
Zaffinah (IRE)F5MT105.001/21/2019 SA 3Megahertz S.3
Onthemoonagain (FR)F5MT104.803/9/2019 TAM3Hillsborough S.2
Precieuse (IRE)F5MT104.753/2/2019 GP 1Honey Fox S.3
Giant ZingerF4LT104.603/29/2019 GP 3Orchid S.3
Maroubra (FR)F4LT104.603/29/2019 GP 4Orchid S.3
SensitiveF5MT104.603/23/2019 FG 2New Orleans Ladies S.O
Streak of LuckF4IT104.403/30/2019 SA 4Santa Ana S.3
Zaffinah (IRE)F5IT104.403/30/2019 SA 2Santa Ana S.3
Fire KeyF6MT104.253/2/2019 GP 5Honey Fox S.3
Mitchell RoadF4MT104.202/16/2019 FG 1Albert M. Stall Memorial S.O
Conquest HardcandyF5MT104.002/9/2019 TAM3Lambholm South Endeavour S.3
Take These Chains (IRE)F6MT104.002/23/2019 SA 4Buena Vista S.2