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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo f Sprint
Thru 9/10/2023

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Pretty MischievousF3S113.408/5/2023 SAR1Test S.1
Red Carpet ReadyF3S111.005/5/2023 CD 1Eight Belles S. presented by Sysco2
Alva StarrF3S109.809/2/2023 SAR1Prioress S.2
Maple Leaf MelF3S109.807/8/2023 BEL1Victory Ride S.3
Munnys GoldF3S108.005/5/2023 CD 2Eight Belles S. presented by Sysco2
Danse MacabreF3ST107.609/2/2023 KD 2Big Ass Fans Music City S.3
Clearly UnhingedF3S107.008/5/2023 SAR2Test S.1
Key of LifeF3S107.004/16/2023 KEE1Beaumont S. Presented by Keeneland Select2
Love Reigns (IRE)F3ST106.204/14/2023 KEE1FanDuel Limestone S.L
InterpolateF3S106.004/16/2023 KEE2Beaumont S. Presented by Keeneland Select2
Stonewall StarF3S105.752/18/2023 LRL1Wide Country S.O
Dorth VaderF3S105.008/5/2023 SAR4Test S.1
Stone SilentF3ST104.808/12/2023 SAR2Galway S.L
Secret MoneyF3ST104.609/2/2023 KD 1Big Ass Fans Music City S.3
Tom's RegretF3ST104.405/6/2023 SA 2Senorita S.3
Lady Hollywood (GB)F3ST104.204/14/2023 KEE2FanDuel Limestone S.L
AccedeF3S104.005/5/2023 CD 3Eight Belles S. presented by Sysco2
VahvaF3S103.808/25/2023 CT 1Charles Town Oaks3
Manhattan Jungle (IRE)F3ST103.752/11/2023 SA 1Sweet Life S.L
Ryder Ryder RyderF3S103.505/20/2023 WO 1Ruling Angel S. Presented by Ketel OneL
ChismosaF3S102.807/4/2023 LRC2Great Lady M S.2
Daring DoF3ST102.807/16/2023 ELP1Pea Patch S.O
Fast and ShinyF3ST102.803/26/2023 SA 1Angels Flight S.L
Ice DancingF3S102.801/8/2023 SA 1Santa Ynez S.3
Late FrostF3S102.808/25/2023 CT 3Charles Town Oaks3
Mohawk TrailF3ST102.609/2/2023 KD 6Big Ass Fans Music City S.3
American AppleF3ST102.204/14/2023 KEE4FanDuel Limestone S.L
Sassy NatureF3ST102.204/14/2023 KEE5FanDuel Limestone S.L
Klassy BridgetteF3S102.002/11/2023 OP 1Dixie Belle S.O
L Street LadyF3S102.006/11/2023 BEL1Jersey Girl S.L
Last CallF3ST102.006/25/2023 WO 3Alywow S.L
UnifyingF3S102.006/11/2023 ELP1Leslie's Lady Overnight S.O