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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo f Sprint
Thru 6/2/2024

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Denim and PearlsF3S109.804/7/2024 KEE1MiddleGround Capital Beaumont S.2
My Mane SqueezeF3S109.805/3/2024 CD 1Eight Belles S. presented by Sysco2
KopionF3S107.401/7/2024 SA 1Santa Ynez S.3
WitwatersrandF3S106.005/18/2024 WO 1Ruling Angel S. Presented by Ketel OneL
ImpelF3S105.805/3/2024 CD 2Eight Belles S. presented by Sysco2
R Harper RoseF3S105.002/3/2024 GP 1Forward Gal S.3
Mystic LakeF3S104.755/17/2024 PIM1Miss Preakness S.3
Nice as PieF3S104.203/30/2024 TP 1Serena's Song S.O
Antifona (FR)F3ST103.602/11/2024 SA 1Sweet Life S.L
Laulne (FR)F3ST103.604/7/2024 SA 1Angels Flight S.L
Kairyu (IRE)F3ST103.205/12/2024 BAQ2Soaring Softly S.3
VisuallyF3ST103.005/5/2024 SA 1Senorita S.3
Hot BeachF3S102.604/12/2024 KEE1FanDuel Limestone S.O
Halina's ForteF3S102.202/17/2024 AQU1Ruthless S.O
Twirling QueenF3ST102.205/11/2024 CD 1Mamzelle S.L
LaunchF3S102.003/17/2024 GP 1Any Limit S.O
Crimson AdvocateF3ST101.755/18/2024 GP 1Roar S.O
Ghalia PrincessF3S101.403/16/2024 AQU1Cicada S.O
Pipsy (IRE)F3ST101.205/12/2024 BAQ1Soaring Softly S.3
Fiona's MagicF3S101.002/3/2024 GP 2Forward Gal S.3
SabatiniF3S100.804/27/2024 WO 1Star Shoot S.L
ShamrockinF3ST100.805/5/2024 SA 5Senorita S.3
Xtreme DivaF3S100.602/17/2024 OP 1Dixie Belle S.O
Zona Verde (IRE)F3ST100.602/11/2024 SA 2Sweet Life S.L
AsterniaF3S100.403/16/2024 OP 1Purple Martin S.L
MiucciaF3S100.006/1/2024 GP 1Game Face S.O
RascalityF3ST100.005/5/2024 SA 2Senorita S.3
ToupieF3ST100.005/11/2024 CD 2Mamzelle S.L
Twirling QueenF3S99.803/24/2024 GP 1Melody of Colors S.O
YoualmosthadmeF3S99.755/17/2024 PIM2Miss Preakness S.3