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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo f Sprint
Thru 5/25/2020

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
BastF3S113.201/5/2020 SA 1Santa Ynez S.2
Tonalist's ShapeF3S108.502/1/2020 GP 1Forward Gal S.3
KimariF3S107.754/4/2020 OP 1Purple Martin S.L
Frank's RocketteF3S107.202/22/2020 GP 1Any Limit S.O
AubergeF3S105.201/5/2020 SA 2Santa Ynez S.2
Laura's LightF3ST104.752/16/2020 SA 1Sweet Life S.3
EdgewayF3S101.754/4/2020 OP 3Purple Martin S.L
Sound MachineF3S101.601/4/2020 GP 1Glitter Woman S.O
Hear My PrayerF3ST101.003/21/2020 GP 1Melody of Colors S.O
LighthouseF3ST100.752/16/2020 SA 2Sweet Life S.3
Ring LeaderF3S100.502/15/2020 OP 1Dixie Belle S.
Golden PrincipalF3S100.201/5/2020 SA 3Santa Ynez S.2
Cruise and DanzeF3S100.001/26/2020 AQU1Ruthless S.O
Naughty ThoughtsF3S99.502/15/2020 LRL1Wide Country S.
SpeciallyF3S98.502/15/2020 OP 2Dixie Belle S.
Street of DreamsF3S96.502/1/2020 GP 2Forward Gal S.3
Bulletproof OneF3ST96.202/7/2020 SA 4Baffle S.O
CompensateF3ST96.003/21/2020 GP 2Melody of Colors S.O
Miss MarissaF3S95.001/26/2020 AQU3Ruthless S.O
Panthera OncaF3S95.001/26/2020 AQU2Ruthless S.O
Wasabi GirlF3S93.754/4/2020 OP 4Purple Martin S.L
Nikki and PapaF3S93.502/1/2020 GP 3Forward Gal S.3
FujairahF3S92.502/1/2020 GP 4Forward Gal S.3
Spanish PointF3S89.601/4/2020 GP 3Glitter Woman S.O
Princess CadeyF3S89.502/15/2020 LRL2Wide Country S.
BootytamaF3S88.754/4/2020 OP 5Purple Martin S.L
Sayonara BabyF3S88.601/4/2020 GP 2Glitter Woman S.O
Roadrunner's HonorF3ST87.752/16/2020 SA 3Sweet Life S.3
Bella AuroraF3S87.502/15/2020 LRL5Wide Country S.
She'smysunshineF3S87.502/15/2020 LRL3Wide Country S.