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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo f Sprint
Thru 6/2/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
BellafinaF3S115.001/6/2019 SA 1Santa Ynez S.2
Break EvenF3S110.805/3/2019 CD 1Eight Belles S. presented by Derby City Gaming2
CovfefeF3S107.805/17/2019 PIM1Adena Springs Miss Preakness S.3
Fancy Dress PartyF3S106.754/7/2019 KEE1Beaumont S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
Bye Bye JF3S106.002/2/2019 GP 2Forward Gal S.3
Mother MotherF3S106.004/7/2019 KEE2Beaumont S. Presented by Keeneland Select3
Seek and DestroyF3ST105.505/18/2019 BEL1Soaring Softly S.3
Ginger Nut (IRE)F3ST104.004/12/2019 KEE1Limestone Turf Sprint S.O
Royal CharlotteF3S104.005/27/2019 MTH1Hystericalady S.O
Sneaking OutF3S104.005/4/2019 SA 2Angels Flight S.L
Feel Glorious (GB)F3ST103.505/18/2019 BEL2Soaring Softly S.3
Apache PrincessF3S103.252/10/2019 SA 1Sweet Life S.L
FeedbackF3S103.252/2/2019 GP 1Forward Gal S.3
Midnight FantasyF3S103.004/13/2019 MVR1Austintown Filly Sprint S.O
Trenchtown CatF3S102.805/25/2019 GP 1Ana T. S.O
Jo Jo AirF3ST102.204/27/2019 CD 1William Walker S.L
Play OnF3ST102.002/23/2019 GP 1Melody of Colors S.O
Sister PeacockF3S101.754/21/2019 WO 1Star Shoot S.L
Raintree StarletF3S101.402/16/2019 OP 1Dixie Belle S.L
Change of ControlF3ST101.255/11/2019 CD 1Mamzelle Overnight S.O
Las SetasF3S101.002/16/2019 LRL1Wide Country S.O
Champagne AnyoneF3S100.752/2/2019 GP 3Forward Gal S.3
WorkaholicF3S100.603/23/2019 AQU1Cicada S.O
A Bit of BothF3S100.254/20/2019 GP 1Game Face S.O
UjjayiF3S100.201/27/2019 AQU1Ruthless S.L
Stillwater CoveF3ST100.004/12/2019 KEE2Limestone Turf Sprint S.O
Bell's the OneF3S99.805/3/2019 CD 2Eight Belles S. presented by Derby City Gaming2
Sunset WishF3S99.801/4/2019 DED1Take Charge Brandi S.O
Lady T N TF3S99.402/16/2019 OP 2Dixie Belle S.L
EyeintheskyF3ST99.004/14/2019 AQU1Mizdirection S.O
LovesickF3S99.005/31/2019 GP 1Liza Jane S.O