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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up c/g Sprint
Thru 5/25/2020

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
WhitmoreG7S112.754/18/2020 OP 1Count Fleet Sprint H.3
Mind ControlC4S112.663/7/2020 AQU1Tom Fool H.3
FlagstaffG6S111.754/18/2020 OP 2Count Fleet Sprint H.3
CistronC6ST110.253/21/2020 SA 1San Simeon S.3
RoadsterC4S110.003/7/2020 SA 2San Carlos S.2
Captain ScottyG6S109.201/25/2020 SA 1Palos Verdes S.2
Wildman JackG4ST109.005/23/2020 SA 1Daytona S.3
NicodemusC5S108.751/18/2020 AQU2Toboggan S.3
VekomaC4S108.663/28/2020 GP 1Sir Shackleton S.O
Firenze FireC5S108.502/15/2020 LRL1General George S.3
Sunny RidgeG7S108.501/18/2020 AQU3Toboggan S.3
Bound for NowhereC6ST108.003/21/2020 SA 2San Simeon S.3
Happy FarmG6S107.663/7/2020 AQU2Tom Fool H.3
Bobby's Wicked OneC5S107.501/18/2020 FG 1Duncan F. Kenner S.O
Texas WedgeG5ST107.401/1/2020 SA 1Joe Hernandez S.2
Texas WedgeG5ST107.401/25/2020 GP 1World of Trouble Turf Sprint S.L
Law Abidin CitizenG6S107.003/7/2020 SA 4San Carlos S.2
Share the UpsideG5S107.002/8/2020 OP 1King Cotton S.L
Sparky VilleG4ST106.755/23/2020 SA 2Daytona S.3
YorktonC6S106.663/28/2020 GP 2Sir Shackleton S.O
Mr. JagermeisterC5S106.333/7/2020 OP 2Hot Springs S.L
JacksonC4S106.202/22/2020 GP 1World of Trouble Sprint S.3
McKaleG5S106.003/7/2020 SA 3San Carlos S.2
Killybegs CaptainC6S105.502/15/2020 TAM1Pelican S.
Bay MuzikG6ST105.401/1/2020 SA 3Joe Hernandez S.2
BlitzkriegG5ST105.401/1/2020 SA 4Joe Hernandez S.2
Double Touch (GB)G6ST105.401/1/2020 SA 2Joe Hernandez S.2
Faction CatG7ST105.002/22/2020 TAM1Turf Dash S.L
JustaholicC5ST105.002/22/2020 TAM2Turf Dash S.L
Fast BoatG5ST104.801/26/2020 HOU2Frontier Utilities Turf Sprint S.O