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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Sprint
Thru 9/10/2023

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Echo ZuluF4S118.208/26/2023 SAR1Ballerina H.1
Goodnight OliveF5S114.208/26/2023 SAR2Ballerina H.1
MatareyaF4S114.005/6/2023 CD 1Derby City Distaff S. presented by Kendall-Jackson Winery1
CaravelF6ST113.006/10/2023 BEL1Jaipur S.1
SocietyF4S112.206/24/2023 ELP1Chicago S.3
MaryquitecontraryF4S112.004/8/2023 KEE2Madison S.1
Wicked HaloF4S112.005/6/2023 CD 2Derby City Distaff S. presented by Kendall-Jackson Winery1
Frank's RocketteF6S111.753/11/2023 GP 1Hurricane Bertie S.3
Fun to DreamF4S111.602/4/2023 SA 1Santa Monica S.2
Caramel SwirlF5S110.406/17/2023 BEL3Bed o' Roses S.2
Roses for DebraF4ST110.008/25/2023 SAR1Smart N Fancy S.L
EdaF4S109.808/27/2023 DMR1Rancho Bernardo H.3
Our Flash DriveF5ST109.406/3/2023 WO 1Royal North S.2
Bubble RockF4ST109.006/9/2023 BEL2Intercontinental S.3
Bay StormF5ST108.609/9/2023 KD 1AGS Ladies Turf Sprint S.2
Our Flash DriveF5S108.005/13/2023 WO 1Whimsical S.3
Dr BF5S107.005/14/2023 BEL2Vagrancy S.3
Twilight Gleaming (IRE)F4ST107.004/15/2023 KEE1Giant's Causeway S.L
YuugiriF4S106.502/25/2023 OP 1Carousel S.L
Elm DriveF4S106.407/4/2023 LRC3Great Lady M S.2
LoyaltyF4S106.207/22/2023 WO 1Hendrie S.3
Elm DriveF4ST106.005/20/2023 SA 1Mizdirection S.L
Amy C (GB)F5ST105.607/28/2023 DMR1Daisycutter H.L
Wakanaka (IRE)F5ST105.609/9/2023 KD 2AGS Ladies Turf Sprint S.2
Non ViolenceF4S105.207/23/2023 ELP2Twin Bridges S.O
Tony AnnF5ST105.209/9/2023 KD 3AGS Ladies Turf Sprint S.2
OeuvreF4ST104.502/21/2023 FG 1Mardi Gras S.L
Last LeafF4S104.204/29/2023 CD 2Roxelana Overnight S.O
Swayin to and FroF4S104.202/18/2023 LRL1Barbara Fritchie S.3
MommasgottarunF4S104.004/7/2023 AQU1Distaff H.3
OeuvreF4S104.007/26/2023 HAW1Jean Elizabeth H.O
Poppy FlowerF4ST104.007/22/2023 SAR4Caress S.3