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Name Sex Sire Dam Covering Sire Sale Type Year Hip Price Consignor Buyer
Anayasa (FR) M Oratorio (IRE) Anadiyla (IRE) ARQDEC2012 E 2012 00701 $9,048 Aga Khan Studs Agence FIPS
Slickalya (IRE) M Slickly (FR) Anadiyla (IRE) DEADEC2011 W 2011 00756 $7,365 Haras du Thenney C. Dondi
Anadara (FR) M Xaar (GB) Anadiyla (IRE) DEADEC2009 B 2009 00585 $25,238 Aga Khan Studs Sylvain Vidal
Arya Tara (IRE) M Dylan Thomas (IRE) Anadiyla (IRE) Camelot (GB) TATMA 2017 B 2017 01841 RNA $212,279 The Castlebridge Consignment
Anarkali (FR) G Red Ransom Anadiyla (IRE) ARJUL 2008 H 2008 00230 $15,880 Aga Khan Studs Mr Morosi
Andalya (IRE) M Rainbow Quest Anadiyla (IRE) DEADEC2011 E 2011 00492 $14,729 Aga Khan Studs Chantilly BS
Anantapour (FR) H Medicean (GB) Anadiyla (IRE) ARNOV 2009 H 2009 00019 $12,683 Aga Khan Studs P. Nataf
Anadara (FR) M Xaar (GB) Anadiyla (IRE) Le Havre (IRE) ARQDEA2011 B 2011 00018 $10,838 La Motteraye Consignment Private
Anayasa (FR) M Oratorio (IRE) Anadiyla (IRE) Jimmy Two Times (FR) ARQDEC2021 B 2021 00775 $10,740 Saint Maur Joseph O'Brien
Erlking (IRE) H Starspangledbanner (AUS) Anadiyla (IRE) GOYRL2018 Y 2018 00242 Out Chapel Lane Bloodstock
Far Fetched (IRE) M Fastnet Rock (AUS) Anadiyla (IRE) GOFORB2016 Y 2016 00367 Out The Castlebridge Consignment
Thomas O'Malley (IRE) G Henrythenavigator Anadiyla (IRE) TATIAS2017 I 2017 00159 Out Carriganog Stables
Vinland (IRE) G Fastnet Rock (AUS) Anadiyla (IRE) TATAHI2021 I 2021 00610 Out The Castlebridge Consignment
Vinland (IRE) G Fastnet Rock (AUS) Anadiyla (IRE) TATMAR2022 I 2022 00026 Out Carriganog Racing