Pedigree Binder
Pedigree Binder is a complimentary value added feature which provides a revolutionary new way to manage, store and view your equineline pedigrees online!
  • Quickly and easily put equineline pedigrees (as well as race records and produce records) into your own personal online binders.
  • View your binder as an electronic flipbook or as a pdf document
  • Personalize your online binders with your own photos and binder covers
  • Add a horse's pedigree to multiple binders
  • Share your binder via email, Facebook and Twitter

The Pedigree Binder feature is available to anyone purchasing an equineline pedigree, race record or mare produce record in PDF format (ex: 40P, 9P, 20P, portfolio pedigrees, etc.) as well as report No. 46EQ Enhanced Premium Edited Pedigree via Quarter Horse equineline reports for no additional charge.