Report of Mares Bred
Report of Mares Bred
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The equineline Report of Mares Bred provides detailed information on all the mares bred in North America to a stallion in the selected breeding year. The reports include for the selected breeding year:
  • Each mare bred to the stallion
    • Year of Birth
    • Sire
  • Last reported live foal for each mare bred
    • Foaling Date
    • Sex, Color & Sire of Foal
    • Breeder Name
    • State Bred
  • Owner of the mare as of the last race if the mare has not produced a foal
  • Sire information
    • No. of mares bred in the selected breeding year
    • Standing in location
    • Inbreeding & Dosage
    • Tabulated Race Record
  • Sire statistical summary
    • Lifetime statistics for the stallion and his progeny
  • And more!

Report of Mares Bred Options
Individual Report
Report of Mares Bred Reports (No.36P) are available for individual purchase by stallion (North America) and breeding year for only $25.

Report of Mares Bred - Report
Unlimited Access Annual Subscription
Unlimited access for a year to continuously updated Report of Mares Bred reports on all stallions (North America) is only $250 for the selected breeding year.

Report of Mares Bred - Subscription