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Pedigree Analysis

The Pedigree Analysis Program is a unique and comprehensive pedigree research tool that draws from our global database – using the most accurate, up-to-the-minute Thoroughbred pedigree and racing information available from all over the world. The program was developed by The Jockey Club Information Systems with the assistance of pedigree experts Alan Porter and Byron Rogers.

Some of the defining features include:
  • - Query Pedigrees by Position
  • - Query Pedigrees by Inbreeding
  • - Generate 6x Pedigrees
  • - View Pedigree Lists for up to
      10 generations
  • - Stakes Results Review
  • - FREE Trial  /  Video Tours
New Enhancements to Pedigree Analysis Program

Video Tours

Query by Position

Researching Pedigrees

Query by Inbreeding

Stakes Results Review

Pedigree Analysis Program – Free Trial
You can sign up today for the new Pedigree Analysis Program and right now we're offering you the chance to use it free for next 4 days with no obligation to subscribe. During your 4 day trial you will have unlimited use of the program. At the end of your trial period, your account will be subscribed to the Pedigree Analysis Program for one year and $249 will be charged to your account.

If you decide not to continue beyond your 4 day trial, simply cancel the service prior to the end of your trial period. There will be no charge to your account.
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Query by Position
(Click here for a Video Tour takes about 3 minutes)
This unique feature provides you with a blank 4x pedigree where you can input a male or female horse name in any two or more of the 30 blank positions. It allows you to analyze the success of a wide variety of crosses by filling in the positions that are important to your breeding plans. This feature is a very powerful tool for researching successful crosses within pedigrees.

Researching Pedigrees
(Click here for a Video Tour takes about 3 minutes)
The Pedigree Analysis Program allows you to generate a 6x pedigree on any domestic or international thoroughbred in The Jockey Information Systems database. Once a 6x pedigree is generated, clicking on any horse name within the pedigree creates a new tab with the 6x pedigree for the selected horse. The Pedigree menu combined with the variety of lists and views (i.e. inbreeding, cross-duplicates, siblings, auction results) and the option to research from 6 to 10 generations provides you with the most comprehensive international pedigree research tool for analyzing pedigrees world-wide.

Query by Inbreeding
(Click here for a Video Tour takes about 2 minutes)
This feature provides you with a method to analyze the effects of inbreeding and how horses that are inbred up to four generations have performed. The results of your inbreeding query are a set of statistics and a listing of all black-type stakes winners matching the inbreeding criteria you requested. This can be a very useful tool in helping you better understand the effects of inbreeding by analyzing the statistics from each query.

Stakes Results Review
(Click here for a Video Tour takes about 2 minutes)
This enable you to view graded, non-graded and international stakes results for the most recent 30 days, making it an easy and great way to research the pedigrees of recent stakes performers.

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