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equineline Reports
equineline Reports offers a wide range of reports for any Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse, such as Pedigrees, Individual Past Performance Race Records, Mare Produce Records, Sire Reports and More. Click here for samples.

Please note that equineline Reports are available on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. You do not need a Portfolio Subscription to order equineline Reports. Portfolio Service
Keep Updated on Important Information about the Horses in which you are Interested provides Owners, Breeders, Trainers & Farms an opportunity to create a portfolio of their horses to keep track of and analyze important information. Subscribers can create a portfolio of horses in-training, broodmares, sires, weanlings and yearlings. Once a horse is added to My Portfolio, goes to work for you. For more information about what the Portfolio provides click here

equineline Pedigree Binder
Manage, Store, Share and View Your Pedigrees Online
Pedigree Binder is a complimentary value added feature which provides a revolutionary way to manage, store and view your equineline pedigrees online! The Pedigree Binder feature is available to anyone purchasing an equineline pedigree, race record or mare produce record in PDF format (ex: 40P, 9P, 20P, portfolio pedigrees, etc.) for no additional charge. For more information click here.

equineline Mare Produce Records Online
Unlimited Access to Continuously Updated Mare Produce Records (Thoroughbreds)
The equineline Mare Produce Records Online subscription service provides unlimited access to important and continually updated information from around the world for Thoroughbred mares and their offspring. Each request accesses the extensive international pedigree and racing database used by The Jockey Club Information Systems in real time and includes each mare’s foals, racing information and sales information and more. Your online subscription also provides you with access to our iPad and iPhone apps. For more information click here.

equineline Pedigree Analysis Program
Comprehensive Pedigree Research Tool (Thoroughbreds)
This unique and comprehensive pedigree research tool draws from our global database - using the most accurate, up-to-the-minute Thoroughbred pedigree and racing information available from around the world. Some of the unique features of the program include "Query by Position and Query by Inbreeding", "Stakes Results Review" and "Generate and Research" 6 generation pedigrees. For more information, including video tours, click here.

Online Stud Book
Sire, Dam, Broodmare Sire, and More!
The Online Stud Book enables you to view information from The Jockey Club's database of registered Thoroughbreds including: horse name, sire, dam, broodmare sire, color, sex, foaling date and location, and breeder.

A yearly subscription for only $150 gives you unlimited access to the Online Stud Book for a full 12 months. This charge will appear on your next invoice.

Click here for an example.

The Jockey Club and Interactive Registration
Register Thoroughbreds Online
The Jockey Club and Interactive RegistrationTM (IR) is a free service that lets you perform your registration functions on-line! To go directly from to Jockey Club Interactive, simply select the Jockey Club Registration option in the "My Services" area. If you are already a Jockey Club and Interactive RegistrationTM user, your new Universal ID will allow you access to the IR system without logging in a second time. This service is part of your portfolio subscription.

My Portfolio
A High Level Snapshot (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
My Portfolio offers valuable information about each horse such as: name, year-of-birth, sex, color, sire & dam, purchase date & price, appraised & insured value and breeding status for mares. My Portfolio provides a high-level snapshot of your horses and is the window to more comprehensive information.

Interactive Condition Book
Search for Specific Races (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
A new and exciting feature is the Interactive Condition Book.* This service gives the Owner & Trainer the ability to search multiple condition books for specific races. For example if you are looking for a race for 3-year old fillies, going short, with non-winners of two lifetime conditions at three tracks, will search its database and locate any race that matches this criteria.

*Use of the Interactive Condition Book will require at least one horse to be included in the portfolio.

Lifetime Starts
Get Past Performance Information (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
Selecting the name of any in-training horse from My Portfolio takes you to a screen showing the lifetime starts for that horse (be sure to purchase the one-time Lifetime Starts option). The lifetime start information is presented in a past performance format making it very easy to view the performance history for any horse. Also included is a summary of starts, placings and earnings for the subject horse. And there's a link to the full charts for any race in which this horse has competed.

Entries and Full PPs
Automatic Notice of Entries (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
Another feature offered for horses in-training and a mare's progeny is Entry Scanning. Anytime a horse or the progeny of a mare in your portfolio is entered in a race, you will receive a message in the Message Center about the Entry. The message includes a link to a screen that offers the basic details about the Entry. However, doesn't stop there. The Entry screen includes a link to the full entries for that particular race and a link to view the past performances for every horse in that race. The Full PP screen lists each horse in the race and its last 10 starts in a full Past Performance format. This information is available to you as soon as the Entry becomes official.

Workout History
Receive Workout Messages (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
Workouts are also scanned for horses in-training, a mare's produce and a stallion's progeny, and are included in My Portfolio. When a horse has a Workout, includes a message about the Workout in the Message Center. The Workout message includes a link to the history of Workouts for that particular horse by showing its last ten (10) public Workouts.

Mare's Produce History
Detailed Foal Information (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
When you select the name of any broodmare from your portfolio, takes you to a Produce History screen. This screen will display every foal the mare has produced including the foal's name, sire, color and sex and exact foaling date. Also available, for a one-time fee, are the last sale price & auction history (Complete sales results available for USA and Canada from 1980 through present. For available European sales, please visit here then click on "Foreign Auctions."), lifetime race earnings, best race class and tabulated race record for the mare and her foals, as well as nicking reports.

Expenses & Revenues
Generate Detailed Reports (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
You can also keep track of Expenses and Revenues on a horse-by-horse basis and for an entire stable. The Expense & Revenue Center provides an opportunity to enter transactions of any kind and pull detailed reports on any horse or combination of horses in your portfolio. The Expense & Revenue Center also allows you to extract this information and use it in any if your favorite accounting or spreadsheet program.

5X Pedigrees
Pedigrees on Demand (Included in Portfolio Subscription)
At any time you can view a 5X pedigree for any horse included in your Portfolio free of charge.

Free 5x pedigrees are also available on equineline for any Thoroughbred. Click Here