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Produce History: Blues for Sale (ARG)

Yr Name Sire Foal Date Clr Sx Stud Fee Sale Price Sale Race Earn. Race Class Comment
  Blues for Sale (ARG) =Not For Sale (ARG) Aug 19 dk b/       $75,216 GBW  
10 Bluesie Brown Big Brown Mar 30 b f   $30,000 FTK OCT YRLG 11 $38,980 W  
11 Batalla Sindical Big Brown Apr 3 ch f     $12,799 W  
12 =Brown for Sale (ARG) Big Brown Mar 15 ch f     $76,861 W  
13 Blue Prize (ARG) Pure Prize Aug 26 ch f     $1,292,253 GBW  
14 =Blue's Melodie (ARG) Pure Prize Sep 1 ch f     $25,551 W  
15 =Baron Blue (ARG) Orpen Sep 13 dk b c     $24,299 GBPW  
16 =Blue Orchid (ARG) Orpen Sep 24 dk b f       NS  
Race Class Legend 
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