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Produce History: Summer Moon (FR)

Yr Name Sire Foal Date Clr Sx Stud Fee Sale Price Sale Race Earn. Race Class Comment
  Summer Moon (FR) Elusive City Jan 27 b     $16,585 ARQ DEC BRG STK 2019 -ENG $82,936 BPW  
16 Svenson Blame Feb 4 b c   $20,057 ARQANA OCT YRLG 2017 $4,864 W  
17 =Moshaher Alhararat (GB) Mizzen Mast Feb 8 gr c   $11,370 ARQANA DEAU AUT MIX 2018   NS  
18 Rougir (FR) =Territories (IRE) Mar 26 ch f   $3,393,043 ARQ DEC BRG STOCK - ENG $710,143 GBW  
19 =Lunaire (FR) =Recorder (GB) Mar 22 b g   $1,327 ARQ DEC BRG STK 2019 -ENG $3,534 U  
20 =Benvenuti (FR) =Style Vendome (FR) Mar 25 gr f   $115,929 ARQANA DEAU OCT YRLG 21   NS  
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