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Send a Message

How to Send a Message from the Message Center
Sending a message about your horse has never been easier. The Message Center offers two options for sending messages: Horse messages and General messages. A General message is just that, a message about any topic you want. However, a Horse message allows you to send very specific messages about your horse to pre-selected contacts. For example, selecting the option to "Compose a Horse Message" displays a screen that allows you to select a horse from your portfolio and select a type of message (Farm, Entry, Result, General & Workout). Selecting any of these allows to store your messages by horse and type of message.

The next screen shows whom you've identified as the recipient(s) of any message(s) about this horse. You can remove any of the recipients by just clicking your mouse on the name. You can also select additional recipients by clicking your mouse on any name or combination of names (hold the Ctrl key down to select more than one name). You can also fill in the subject area and then type in your message. At the bottom of this screen you also have the ability to attach horse photos to any message. To use this option, just take a picture with your digital camera, copy it to your PC's hard drive and attach it to the message. It's really very simple. For your protection, only GIF and JPEG files can be used as photos. This protects your PC from someone sending a file with an attached virus. Computer viruses cannot be attached to GIF and JPEG files.

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