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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
2yo c/g All
Thru 7/31/2022

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Mo StrikeC2S108.007/16/2022 SAR1Sanford S.3
GulfportC2S107.807/4/2022 CD 1Bashford Manor S.L
Sharp Aza TackC2ST106.007/30/2022 MTH1Tyro S.O
Two of a KindC2S104.006/9/2022 BEL1Tremont S.L
Tyler's TribeG2S104.007/9/2022 PRM1Prairie Gold Juvenile S.O
Poulin in O TG2S103.407/17/2022 WO 1Victoria S.L
TahomaC2S102.206/18/2022 SA 2Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
The Big WamC2S101.205/5/2022 CD 2Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Great NavigatorC2S101.007/16/2022 SAR2Sanford S.3
Andiamo a FirenzeC2S100.007/16/2022 SAR3Sanford S.3
PutthepastbehindG2S100.006/9/2022 BEL2Tremont S.L
Pop d'OroC2S99.206/18/2022 SA 4Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
Man Oh ManC2S97.807/9/2022 PLN3Everett Nevin S.O
Pure FireC2S97.206/18/2022 SA 3Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
Valenzan DayC2S97.006/9/2022 BEL3Tremont S.L
Battle StrikeC2S96.407/17/2022 WO 2Victoria S.L
Curly JackC2S96.007/16/2022 SAR5Sanford S.3
ForteC2S96.007/16/2022 SAR4Sanford S.3
No Nay Hudson (IRE)C2S96.006/9/2022 BEL4Tremont S.L
SaltaC2S95.206/18/2022 SA 5Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
RyvitC2S94.205/5/2022 CD 3Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Major DudeC2S94.007/16/2022 SAR6Sanford S.3
Mr. GordyC2S93.205/5/2022 CD 4Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Stolen VoteC2S92.807/9/2022 PLN4Everett Nevin S.O
CastleknockC2S92.206/18/2022 SA 6Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
Roman GiantC2S92.007/16/2022 SAR7Sanford S.3
PassarandoG2S91.807/9/2022 PLN6Everett Nevin S.O
VelocitorC2S91.407/17/2022 WO 3Victoria S.L
Prove RightC2S90.007/16/2022 SAR8Sanford S.3
Good N ThirstyC2S88.807/9/2022 PLN7Everett Nevin S.O