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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
2yo f All
Thru 7/31/2022

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Just CindyF2S106.007/14/2022 SAR1Schuylerville S.3
Wonder WheelF2S105.407/4/2022 CD 1Debutante S.L
Stone SilentF2S104.006/18/2022 SA 1Fasig-Tipton Debutante S.O
Devious DameF2S103.806/9/2022 BEL1Astoria S.O
Tom's RegretF2S102.405/5/2022 CD 1Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Absolutely ZeroF2S101.206/18/2022 SA 1Fasig-Tipton FuturityO
Summer PromiseF2S101.007/14/2022 SAR2Schuylerville S.3
Sweet HarmonyF2ST100.407/24/2022 MTH1Colleen S.O
Collecting FlatterF2S99.807/16/2022 WO 1My Dear S.L
Vegas MagicF2S97.007/9/2022 PLN1Everett Nevin S.O
Speedy RiverF2S96.807/16/2022 WO 2My Dear S.L
Me and My ShadowF2S96.007/14/2022 SAR4Schuylerville S.3
Fumano's GirlF2S95.807/9/2022 PLN2Everett Nevin S.O
Alternate RockF2ST95.407/24/2022 MTH2Colleen S.O
Motown MischiefF2ST95.407/24/2022 MTH3Colleen S.O
Janis JoplinF2S95.007/14/2022 SAR3Schuylerville S.3
DamasoF2S94.807/16/2022 WO 3My Dear S.L
Janet Is ReadyF2S94.607/8/2022 PRM1Prairie Gold Lassie S.O
Arizona KaleiF2S94.007/8/2022 PRM2Prairie Gold Lassie S.O
Alexis's StormF2S92.806/9/2022 BEL2Astoria S.O
E Z PharisF2S92.006/18/2022 SA 3Fasig-Tipton Debutante S.O
Margaret BurbidgeF2ST91.407/24/2022 MTH4Colleen S.O
Sabra TuffF2S91.407/4/2022 CD 2Debutante S.L
CorningstoneF2S90.007/8/2022 PRM3Prairie Gold Lassie S.O
Empire of My OwnF2S89.407/4/2022 CD 4Debutante S.L
Les Bon TempsF2S89.407/4/2022 CD 3Debutante S.L
It Takes HeartF2S89.007/8/2022 PRM4Prairie Gold Lassie S.O
Electric LettuceF2S88.807/9/2022 PLN5Everett Nevin S.O
Dancing MoF2S87.006/18/2022 SA 4Fasig-Tipton Debutante S.O
Rousing JewelF2S87.006/18/2022 SA 5Fasig-Tipton Debutante S.O