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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Route Dirt
Thru 7/31/2022

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
LetruskaF6M118.254/23/2022 OP 1Apple Blossom H.1
MalathaatF4M116.006/11/2022 BEL2Ogden Phipps S.1
ClairiereF4M115.207/24/2022 SAR1Shuvee S.2
ShedaresthedevilF5M113.807/2/2022 CD 1Fleur de Lis S.2
Pauline's PearlF4M113.405/6/2022 CD 1La Troienne S. presented by Signify Health1
Search ResultsF4M113.205/8/2022 BEL1Ruffian S.2
Ce CeF6M112.254/23/2022 OP 3Apple Blossom H.1
As Time Goes ByF5M111.803/5/2022 SA 1Beholder Mile S.1
Super QuickF4M111.605/20/2022 PIM1Allaire DuPont Distaff S.3
Blue Stripe (ARG)F5M111.206/18/2022 SA 2Santa Maria S.2
Private MissionF4M110.606/18/2022 SA 1Santa Maria S.2
Crazy BeautifulF4M110.007/24/2022 SAR3Shuvee S.2
Bonny SouthF5M108.754/22/2022 KEE2Baird Doubledogdare S.3
Miss LeslieF4I108.607/9/2022 DEL1Delaware H.2
Ava's GraceF4M108.405/6/2022 CD 3La Troienne S. presented by Signify Health1
Miss BiglyF6M108.403/5/2022 SA 2Beholder Mile S.1
Royal FlagF6M108.205/8/2022 BEL2Ruffian S.2
Battle BlingF4M107.405/6/2022 CD 4La Troienne S. presented by Signify Health1
She's All WolfeF5M107.406/4/2022 CD 1Shawnee S.L
Lady MystifyF4M106.504/22/2022 KEE3Baird Doubledogdare S.3
PennybakerF4M106.404/16/2022 LRL1Heavenly Cause S.O
Army WifeF4M106.206/25/2022 TDN1Lady Jacqueline S.L
VardaF4M106.206/18/2022 SA 3Santa Maria S.2
Munnyfor RoF4M105.606/5/2022 WO 3Belle Mahone S.L
Breeze RiderF5M105.202/26/2022 TP 1Wintergreen S.O
CoachF4M105.001/8/2022 OP 1Pippin S.L
Miss LeslieF4M105.006/8/2022 DEL1Obeah S.L
Dreaming of DrewF4M104.806/5/2022 WO 1Belle Mahone S.L
Lady RocketF5M104.205/8/2022 BEL3Ruffian S.2
Leader of the BandF4M104.207/23/2022 MTH2Molly Pitcher S.3