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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Route Turf
Thru 5/2/2021

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Magic Attitude (GB)F4LT113.005/1/2021 BEL1Sheepshead Bay S.2
Charmaine's MiaF5MT112.004/3/2021 SA 1Royal Heroine S.2
Juliet Foxtrot (GB)F6MT112.004/10/2021 KEE1Coolmore Jenny Wiley S.1
Blowout (GB)F5MT111.005/1/2021 CD 1Longines Churchill Distaff Turf Mile S.2
Mucho UnusualF5MT110.002/20/2021 SA 2Buena Vista S.2
New York Girl (IRE)F4MT109.805/1/2021 CD 2Longines Churchill Distaff Turf Mile S.2
Zofelle (IRE)F5MT109.605/1/2021 CD 3Longines Churchill Distaff Turf Mile S.2
Going to VegasF4IT109.403/27/2021 SA 1Santa Ana S.3
AbscondF4MT109.205/1/2021 CD 4Longines Churchill Distaff Turf Mile S.2
Got StormyF6MT109.202/27/2021 GP 1Honey Fox S.3
Always ShoppingF5LT108.401/23/2021 GP 1La Prevoyante S.3
AntoinetteF4IT108.402/27/2021 GP 1The Very One S.3
War Like GoddessF4LT108.404/23/2021 KEE1Bewitch S.3
Etoile (FR)F5MT108.004/10/2021 KEE4Coolmore Jenny Wiley S.1
MichelineF4MT108.003/6/2021 TAM1Hillsborough S.2
Tamahere (FR)F4MT108.004/10/2021 KEE2Coolmore Jenny Wiley S.1
Regal GloryF5MT107.204/11/2021 AQU1Plenty of Grace S.O
AntoinetteF4LT107.005/1/2021 BEL5Sheepshead Bay S.2
DogtagF5MT107.004/3/2021 SA 2Royal Heroine S.2
La Signare (FR)F6MT107.004/10/2021 KEE3Coolmore Jenny Wiley S.1
Mucho UnusualF5IT106.403/27/2021 SA 2Santa Ana S.3
Magic Attitude (GB)F4MT106.003/6/2021 TAM7Hillsborough S.2
Miss Teheran (IRE)F5MT106.003/6/2021 TAM4Hillsborough S.2
Morning MollyF5MT106.003/6/2021 TAM2Hillsborough S.2
Mutamakina (GB)F5LT106.005/1/2021 BEL2Sheepshead Bay S.2
My Sister Nat (FR)F6LT106.005/1/2021 BEL4Sheepshead Bay S.2
Warren's ShowtimeF4MT106.002/20/2021 SA 3Buena Vista S.2
Warren's ShowtimeF4MT106.004/3/2021 SA 3Royal Heroine S.2
Secret MessageF6MT105.801/16/2021 FG 1Marie G. Krantz Memorial S.O
Sweet Bye and ByeF6MT105.803/27/2021 GP 1Sand Springs S.L