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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint
Thru 5/2/2021

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Drain the ClockC3S114.004/3/2021 AQU1Bay Shore S.3
Concert TourC3S108.002/6/2021 SA 1San Vicente S.2
Freedom FighterC3S107.002/6/2021 SA 2San Vicente S.2
Beer Can ManC3ST104.802/5/2021 SA 2Baffle S.O
Jaxon TravelerC3S103.404/24/2021 OP 1Bachelor S.L
Chasing ArtieG3ST103.204/2/2021 KEE1Palisades Turf Sprint S.O
Earls Rock (IRE)C3ST103.002/5/2021 SA 1Baffle S.O
Kenny Had a NotionG3S103.001/16/2021 LRL1Spectacular Bid S.O
Pico d'OroC3S102.401/31/2021 AQU3Jimmy Winkfield S.O
Hello Hot RodC3S102.001/31/2021 AQU1Jimmy Winkfield S.O
Whiskey DoubleC3S102.004/3/2021 AQU2Bay Shore S.3
Field DayG3ST101.604/24/2021 CD 1William Walker S.L
The Chosen VronG3S101.002/6/2021 SA 3San Vicente S.2
BodenheimerC3ST100.604/24/2021 CD 2William Walker S.L
Sir WellingtonC3S99.803/20/2021 OP 1Gazebo S.O
Warrior's PrideC3ST99.803/20/2021 GP 1Texas Glitter S.O
Willy BoiG3S99.503/6/2021 GP 1Hutcheson S.L
Return the RingC3S99.401/31/2021 AQU2Jimmy Winkfield S.O
FauciC3ST98.404/2/2021 KEE2Palisades Turf Sprint S.O
MaythehorsebwithuG3S98.001/16/2021 LRL2Spectacular Bid S.O
ShackqueenkingC3S98.001/16/2021 LRL3Spectacular Bid S.O
CazaderoC3S97.404/24/2021 OP 2Bachelor S.L
Omaha CityC3ST96.803/20/2021 GP 4Texas Glitter S.O
Cees Get DegreesG3ST96.604/24/2021 CD 3William Walker S.L
Bob's EdgeG3S96.404/24/2021 OP 3Bachelor S.L
KasimC3ST95.803/20/2021 GP 2Texas Glitter S.O
Rockstar RoG3ST95.604/24/2021 CD 4William Walker S.L
Ultimate BadgerC3S95.503/6/2021 GP 2Hutcheson S.L
Scotch Rock'sC3S95.401/31/2021 AQU4Jimmy Winkfield S.O
King's OvationC3S94.001/30/2021 GP 2Claiborne Farm Swale S.3