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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint
Thru 7/31/2022

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
Jack ChristopherC3S121.006/11/2022 BEL1Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun1
GuniteC3S111.757/31/2022 SAR1Amsterdam S.2
Big InvasionC3ST109.607/17/2022 SAR1Quick Call S. Presented by the Thoroughbred Retirement Found3
Forbidden KingdomC3S109.601/29/2022 SA 1San Vicente S.2
WitC3S109.004/9/2022 AQU1Bay Shore S.3
PinehurstC3S108.601/29/2022 SA 2San Vicente S.2
SlipstreamC3ST108.004/10/2022 KEE1Palisades S.L
AccretiveG3S106.757/31/2022 SAR2Amsterdam S.2
My PranksterC3S106.002/5/2022 GP 1Claiborne Farm Swale S.3
NobalsG3S105.605/1/2022 WO 1Woodstock S.L
Old HomesteadC3S105.604/8/2022 KEE1Lafayette S.O
One TimerG3S105.505/23/2022 PID1Tom Ridge S.O
Lightening LarryC3S105.005/21/2022 PIM1Chick Lang S.3
That's RightC3ST105.007/17/2022 MTH1My Frenchman S.O
McLaren ValeC3S104.601/29/2022 SA 3San Vicente S.2
SenbeiC3S104.605/15/2022 BEL1Gold Fever S.L
ProvocateurC3S103.803/19/2022 GP 1Hutcheson S.L
DoppelgangerC3S103.601/29/2022 SA 4San Vicente S.2
MorelloC3S103.602/6/2022 AQU1Jimmy Winkfield S.O
Asymmetric (IRE)C3ST103.255/29/2022 BEL2Paradise Creek S.L
WittyG3S103.201/29/2022 LRL1Spectacular Bid S.O
CogburnC3S103.005/21/2022 PIM2Chick Lang S.3
Dean DeliversG3S103.002/5/2022 GP 2Claiborne Farm Swale S.3
Highly RespectedC3S102.604/9/2022 AQU2Bay Shore S.3
Maglev (IRE)C3ST102.601/30/2022 SA 1Baffle S.O
PappacapC3S102.006/11/2022 BEL2Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun1
Whelen SpringsC3S102.004/30/2022 OP 1Bachelor S.L
Of a RevolutionC3S101.601/1/2022 GP 2Limehouse S.O
Steal SunshineC3S101.407/9/2022 GP 1Carry Back S.L
Nimitz ClassC3S101.207/2/2022 LRL2Concern S.L