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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
4up f Sprint
Thru 7/31/2022

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
ObligatoryF4S113.805/7/2022 CD 1Derby City Distaff S. presented by Kendall-Jackson Winery1
Ce CeF6S113.407/2/2022 GP 1Princess Rooney Invitational S.2
Just One TimeF4S113.004/9/2022 KEE1Madison S.1
Bella SofiaF4S112.406/10/2022 BEL1Bed o' Roses S.2
MerneithF5S112.202/5/2022 SA 1Santa Monica S.2
EdgewayF5S112.003/13/2022 SA 1Las Flores S.3
Four GracesF5S111.605/7/2022 CD 2Derby City Distaff S. presented by Kendall-Jackson Winery1
Bell's the OneF6S111.004/9/2022 KEE2Madison S.1
KimariF5S110.507/27/2022 SAR1Honorable Miss H.2
Lady RocketF5S110.206/25/2022 CD 1Chicago S.3
Campanelle (IRE)F4ST110.004/16/2022 KEE1Giant's Causeway S.L
Glass CeilingF5S108.804/9/2022 AQU1Distaff H.3
CaravelF5ST108.406/10/2022 BEL1Intercontinental S.3
Becca TaylorF4S108.207/4/2022 LRC1Great Lady M S.2
Frank's RocketteF5S107.507/27/2022 SAR2Honorable Miss H.2
SconsinF5S107.255/30/2022 CD 1Winning Colors S.3
BoardroomF5ST107.206/4/2022 WO 1Royal North S.2
Brooke MarieF6ST107.004/9/2022 SA 1Monrovia S.2
Change of ControlF6ST106.801/29/2022 FG 2Frederick P. Aime Memorial S.O
Joy's RocketF4S106.805/21/2022 PIM1Skipat S.L
Chub WagonF5S106.207/16/2022 LRL1Alma North S.O
Elle ZF5ST106.203/1/2022 FG 1Mardi Gras S.O
Souper SensationalF4ST106.206/4/2022 WO 2Royal North S.2
Alice MarbleF5ST106.004/9/2022 SA 2Monrovia S.2
CaravelF5S106.003/19/2022 TP 1Queen S.O
BayernessF5S105.804/30/2022 CD 1Roxelana Overnight S.O
Miss J McKayF5ST105.805/1/2022 BEL1License Fee S.L
Our Secret AgentF5S105.805/8/2022 WO 1Whimsical S.3
Robin SparklesF5ST105.607/23/2022 SAR1Caress S.3
JousterF4ST105.406/10/2022 BEL3Intercontinental S.3