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Mare Produce Records Online! After you purchase an equineline Mare Produce Records app (iPad or iPhone) subscription, and have associated it with an account*, then your account already has access to the equineline Mare Produce Records Online. No additional subscription is needed!

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Mare Produce Records App
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The equineline Mare Produce Records iPad and iPhone subscriptions provide unlimited access to important and continually updated information from around the world for Thoroughbred mares and their offspring. Each request accesses the extensive international pedigree and racing database used by The Jockey Club Information Systems in real time and includes:
  • Each foal with sire, foaling date, sex
  • Non-productive information (barren, not bred, bred to, etc. as reported for USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Ireland & Australia)
  • Racing Information
  • Sales Information
  • Search by Horse, Dam, Sale/Hip
  • And more!
  • Get the App today!

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Your unlimited access subscription,
quarterly ($124.99) or annual ($399.99), will provide the most global, accurate, timely and comprehensive mare produce record information available, which can be easily and quickly viewed, emailed or printed. Ten sample mares are also provided in the app. It's only a tap away so download the app and take a look now!

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