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What Services are Available with
Choose the Service that Best Meets Your Needs

  • Premium equineline Reports

  • Portfolio service (includes Interactive Condition Book)
    @ $2.79 per horse per month

  • The Jockey Club Interactive Registration

How to Access equineline Reports
EquineLine 2000: Still Available, Easily Accessible
There are prominent links to EquineLine 2000 (now called equineline Reports). You'll find one of them on the Main Menu and the other is a text link near the top right of the Home Page. Selecting either option will take you to the familiar homepage for Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse equineline Reports. Order pedigrees, race records, and more!

How to Subscribe
$2.79 Per Horse Per Month for Portfolio Service
Select "Sign Up Now" from the home page and follow the screens, or click here to begin.

How to Identify Contacts
Select View/Edit Contacts
Type in a valid email address and optional Alias name.

How to Set Up Your Horse Portfolio
Obtain Detailed Information
Select "Add a Horse" and enter a horse name. Be sure to purchase (one-time only) the lifetime starts or complete produce history for the most detailed information.

How to Send a Message from the Message Center
Also See "How to Identify Contacts" Above
Select "Compose a Horse Message", select the recipients and fill in your message. Click on Send when you are finished.

How to Read and Reply to a Message in the Message Center Sends You Messages About Your Horses
Click on the "Read" option next to any message. To "Reply" to a message select the "Reply" option while reading a message.

How to Access the Lifetime Starts Screen
Drill Down for More Detail
Select the name of any horse In-Training from your portfolio. To see the Charts of any race select the Charts link on the Starts page.

How to View Entries
Full PPs for Only $1
Select the Entries options on the Lifetime Starts screen. Click on the Full Entries to view an overnight and select Full PPs to view the past performances for each horse in the race ($1 charge)

How to Access a Mare's Produce History
View Auction History and Race Records
Select the name of any Broodmare from your portfolio. To view the auction history click on the Sale Price for any horse. To view a Tabulated Race Record, click on the Earnings for any horse.

Selecting Another Horse
One Click Access to Your Entire Portfolio
At the bottom of each content screen is a drop-down list of all the horses in your portfolio. Just select any horse name.

How to Use the Condition Book
Simple Interface/Powerful Results
Select the options you want from the drop-down menus, enter a date-range and select Continue. Chose the Conditions for the race and select Search.

How to Use the Expense and Revenue Center
Export Files to Other Programs
Enter your transactions, add new transaction categories, print pre-defined reports and export your transactions to your preferred accounting program.

How to Access Jockey Club Interactive
Easy Access from the Main Menu
The main menu bar includes a link to the Interactive Registration (IR) system. Selecting this option takes you directly to the IR system.