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NARC Ratings
What is NARC?

NARC is a panel of racing secretaries, each of whom every week assigns a hypothetical weight ("Rating") to every horse competing in any black-type stakes event conducted in North America. These weekly ratings reflect the performance of that horse in that event, and the NARC Rating for that horse is the average of the panel secretaries' assignments. Excepting two-year-olds, the panel assigns Ratings in accord with specific Categories of race by distance and surface ("SMIL" Categories), and the Rating of a horse is specific to that category.
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S (sprint) M (mile) I (intermediate) L (long)
Dirt < 8 fur Dirt >=8 fur and <= 9 fur Dirt >9 fur and < 11 fur Dirt >= 11 fur
Turf < 7.5 fur Turf >=7.5 fur and <= 9 fur Turf >9 fur and < 11 fur Turf >=11 fur