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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
2yo c/g All
Thru 8/4/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
By Your SideC2S106.607/13/2019 SAR1Sanford S.3
Fore LeftC2S105.006/7/2019 BEL1Tremont S.L
Phantom BossC2S104.406/29/2019 CD 1Bashford Manor S.3
Mr. HustleG2S103.207/7/2019 WO 1Victoria S.L
Rowdy YatesC2S102.406/29/2019 CD 2Bashford Manor S.3
Rookie SalsaC2S101.805/1/2019 CD 1Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Positively AwesomeC2S101.406/30/2019 GP 1Kodiak Island S.O
Tomato BillC2S100.607/13/2019 SAR2Sanford S.3
Alec and ArthurC2S98.805/1/2019 CD 3Kentucky Juvenile S.O
Two DotC2S96.805/1/2019 CD 2Kentucky Juvenile S.O
CucinaC2S96.607/13/2019 SAR4Sanford S.3
Raging WhiskeyC2S96.607/13/2019 SAR3Sanford S.3
VerbC2S96.406/29/2019 CD 3Bashford Manor S.3
Absolute GritC2S95.406/30/2019 GP 2Kodiak Island S.O
Two Last WordsG2S94.406/29/2019 CD 4Bashford Manor S.3
Now IsC2ST93.008/3/2019 MTH2Tyro S.O
TheitalianamericanR2S93.006/7/2019 BEL2Tremont S.L
Man With a PlanC2S91.406/30/2019 GP 3Kodiak Island S.O
Silent MaliceC2S91.406/29/2019 CD 5Bashford Manor S.3
Shield of FaithG2ST90.008/3/2019 MTH3Tyro S.O
Snell YeahC2S87.406/29/2019 CD 6Bashford Manor S.3
MemorableC2S87.006/7/2019 BEL5Tremont S.L
FederaleC2S85.006/7/2019 BEL4Tremont S.L
Ryan's CatC2ST83.008/3/2019 MTH4Tyro S.O
DoubleturboG2S81.406/30/2019 GP 5Kodiak Island S.O
Joker On JackC2S81.207/7/2019 WO 4Victoria S.L
Tons of GoldC2S80.406/30/2019 GP 4Kodiak Island S.O
Yes for LessG2S79.406/30/2019 GP 6Kodiak Island S.O
Forester's FortuneC2S78.207/7/2019 WO 3Victoria S.L
Old ChestnutC2S70.207/7/2019 WO 5Victoria S.L