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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint
Thru 6/28/2020

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
No ParoleC3S113.406/20/2020 BEL1Woody Stephens S. Presented by Claiborne Farm1
Fast EnoughG3S112.002/9/2020 SA 3San Vicente S.2
NadalC3S112.002/9/2020 SA 1San Vicente S.2
Collusion IllusionC3S111.006/20/2020 SA 1Lazaro Barrera S.3
Storm the CourtC3S111.002/9/2020 SA 4San Vicente S.2
Mischevious AlexC3S110.252/1/2020 GP 1Swale S.3
GinobiliC3S110.002/9/2020 SA 2San Vicente S.2
Billy BattsR3ST106.202/7/2020 SA 1Baffle S.O
Echo TownC3S105.406/20/2020 BEL2Woody Stephens S. Presented by Claiborne Farm1
El Tigre TerribleG3ST105.206/6/2020 SA 2Desert Code S.O
Jack and Noah (FR)C3ST105.206/19/2020 BEL1Sir Cat S.O
Long WeekendC3S105.004/25/2020 OP 1Bachelor S.L
Green Light GoC3S104.755/16/2020 GP 2Roar S.O
ShivareeC3S104.401/4/2020 GP 1Limehouse S.O
Phantom BossC3ST104.206/6/2020 SA 4Desert Code S.O
Montauk TrafficC3S103.802/8/2020 AQU1Jimmy Winkfield S.O
Secret RulesC3S102.802/8/2020 AQU2Jimmy Winkfield S.O
With VerveG3S102.755/16/2020 GP 3Roar S.O
NewstomeC3S102.406/13/2020 WO 1Woodstock S.L
ShopliftedC3S102.406/20/2020 BEL3Woody Stephens S. Presented by Claiborne Farm1
Cajun CasanovaC3ST102.253/21/2020 GP 1Texas Glitter S.O
OurnationonparadeG3S102.002/29/2020 GP 3Hutcheson S. L
Ragtime BluesC3S102.006/20/2020 SA 2Lazaro Barrera S.3
Double CrownG3S101.755/16/2020 GP 1Roar S.O
Party TownG3ST101.206/6/2020 SA 5Desert Code S.O
RagerC3ST101.202/7/2020 SA 2Baffle S.O
Rookie MistakeC3ST101.206/6/2020 SA 5Desert Code S.O
Thanks Mr. EidsonC3ST101.206/6/2020 SA 3Desert Code S.O
Old ChestnutC3ST100.206/19/2020 BEL3Sir Cat S.O
Johnny RittG3S99.802/8/2020 AQU3Jimmy Winkfield S.O
Old ChestnutC3S99.802/8/2020 AQU4Jimmy Winkfield S.O