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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint
Thru 8/4/2019

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
ShancelotC3S117.607/28/2019 SAR1Amsterdam S.2
Mind ControlC3S113.004/6/2019 AQU1Bay Shore S.3
NitrousC3S111.406/8/2019 BEL2Woody Stephens S.1
BulletinC3ST111.004/4/2019 KEE1Palisades Turf Sprint S.O
Hog Creek HustleC3S110.406/8/2019 BEL1Woody Stephens S.1
Mucho GustoC3S110.005/18/2019 SA 1Lazaro Barrera S.3
Strike SilverC3S109.406/8/2019 BEL4Woody Stephens S.1
Sparky VilleG3S109.252/10/2019 SA 1San Vicente S.2
Gladiator KingC3S109.003/23/2019 GP 1Hutcheson S.3
Call PaulC3S108.002/2/2019 GP 1Swale S.3
DessmanC3S108.002/10/2019 SA 2San Vicente S.2
BorrachoC3S106.406/8/2019 BEL3Woody Stephens S.1
Wendell FongC3S106.406/8/2019 BEL5Woody Stephens S.1
LexitonianC3S106.005/18/2019 PIM1Chick Lang S.3
ListingC3ST106.007/11/2019 SAR1Quick Call S.3
Much BetterR3S105.004/6/2019 AQU2Bay Shore S.3
Admiral LynchC3S104.605/18/2019 PIM3Chick Lang S.3
Garter and TieC3S104.606/1/2019 GP 1Ocala S.O
Gray AttemptC3S104.603/23/2019 OP 1Gazebo S.O
Pole SetterR3ST104.205/25/2019 BEL1Paradise Creek S.O
Strike SilverC3ST104.205/25/2019 BEL3Paradise Creek S.O
UncappedC3ST104.204/27/2019 CD 2William Walker S.L
PyronC3S103.605/18/2019 PIM4Chick Lang S.3
Take CommandC3S103.406/29/2019 GP 1Carry Back S.L
Fog of WarC3ST103.205/25/2019 BEL6Paradise Creek S.O
Legends of WarC3ST103.204/27/2019 CD 3William Walker S.L
ZendenC3S103.002/2/2019 GP 2Swale S.3
Art G Is BackC3S102.606/9/2019 GP 1Thirsty Fish S.O
Olympic RunnerG3S102.607/28/2019 WO 1King Corrie S.O
Gladiator KingC3ST102.502/23/2019 GP 3Texas Glitter S.O
JacksonC3ST102.502/23/2019 GP 2Texas Glitter S.O