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Top Rated Horses
by Age and SMIL Category
3yo c/g Sprint
Thru 9/10/2023

NameSexAgeTypeMax RatingDateTrackOfl FPRace NameGrade
New York ThunderC3S114.007/28/2023 SAR1Amsterdam S.2
Arabian LionC3S112.806/10/2023 BEL1Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun1
One in VermillionC3S112.208/26/2023 SAR1H. Allen Jerkens Memorial S.1
HavnameltdownC3S110.401/29/2023 SA 1San Vicente S.2
VerifyingC3S110.208/26/2023 SAR2H. Allen Jerkens Memorial S.1
Drew's GoldR3S108.806/10/2023 BEL2Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun1
Private CreedC3ST108.809/9/2023 KD 1Exacta Systems Franklin-Simpson S.2
Patches O'HoulihanG3S108.208/20/2023 WO 1Bold Venture S.3
RyvitC3S107.407/2/2023 ELP1Maxfield Overnight S.O
Gaslight DancerC3ST106.404/16/2023 KEE1Palisades S.L
General JimC3S106.202/4/2023 GP 1Claiborne Farm Swale S.3
Super ChowC3S105.403/18/2023 GP 1Hutcheson S.L
UncashedG3S105.407/16/2023 SAR1Quick Call S. Presented by the Thoroughbred Retirement FoundL
No Nay Hudson (IRE)C3ST105.205/13/2023 CD 1William Walker S.L
Corona BoltC3S104.804/7/2023 KEE1Lafayette S.O
Eye WitnessC3ST104.255/20/2023 BEL1Paradise Creek S.L
First PeaceC3ST104.005/21/2023 SA 2Desert Code S.O
Joey FreshwaterC3S104.004/8/2023 AQU1Bay Shore S.3
GilmoreC3S103.806/10/2023 BEL3Woody Stephens S. Presented by Mohegan Sun1
RecruiterC3S103.801/3/2023 PRX1Parx Juvenile S.O
FaustinC3S103.401/29/2023 SA 2San Vicente S.2
HejaziC3S102.804/7/2023 KEE2Lafayette S.O
JohannesC3ST102.803/5/2023 SA 1Baffle S.O
Prince of JerichoC3S102.807/1/2023 LRL1Concern S.L
Closethegame SugarG3ST102.608/13/2023 SAR1Mahony S.L
Damon's MoundC3S102.608/25/2023 CT 1Robert Hilton Memorial S.O
Lord MilesC3S102.608/25/2023 CT 2Robert Hilton Memorial S.O
TurboC3S102.601/1/2023 GP 2Limehouse S.O
Inflation Nation (IRE)C3ST102.005/20/2023 BEL2Paradise Creek S.L
Crispy Cat (GB)C3ST101.403/25/2023 GP 1Texas Glitter S.O
Two of a KindC3ST101.404/16/2023 KEE2Palisades S.L