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New Features - New Look now has a newly redesigned website, more personalized than ever! A customizable, streamlined look makes it easier to navigate and it is full of many innovative new features like:

         •   Automatic notification of family updates based on your previous purchases
         •   Favorites and Frequently Ordered section
         •   One -Click Reports, without having to re-enter a horse name
         •   And much more!

If you don't yet have an account, get started today.

Family Updates
Based on your previous report purchases, we will indicate if a New Black-Type or Other Family Update has occurred since your purchase. If you'd like to purchase an updated pedigree, you'll be able to do so with a simple click.

Favorites & Frequently Ordered
Initially, we'll populate this section with the reports you've previously ordered the most. But you'll always be able to edit this list and include other products you consider as your favorites.

Recommended Reports
Based on the reports you've recently purchased, we've made it easy for you to order a popular companion report for the same horse, without having to request a new report or enter the horse name again.

Order Status
Quickly see the reports you've ordered and the current status for each (i.e. order submitted, in progress or complete). One click will take you right to the download center.

Previously Downloaded Reports
A brief snapshot of the reports you've purchased and downloaded in the last 48 hours. With one click, you can go to the download page to take another look at any of those reports, at no charge.

My Services
Quick access to all your current services is found here. You can also add or edit your available services from here.