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Explanation of Black-Type for North American Racing

Starting in 2014, for a stakes race in the United States or Canada to receive black type in SITA (Society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers) catalogues and per black-type rules on, it must:

  • Have a minimum purse value of $50,000 available for distribution on the day of the race.
  • Close at least 72 hours in advance of its running, have a fee paid for entrant, and have a total purse value distributed on the day of the race equal to or greater than the established minimum.
  • All entries must be eligible for the purse monies used to determine the minimum purse value for black type.
  • Have no restrictions other than state-bred, non-winners of a sweepstakes, sales graduates or state or province based stallions’ progeny.
  • May not contain a preference clause(s) based on criteria unrelated to the quality of the horse if such preference clause(s) could possibly exclude any horse(s) of superior quality from competing.
  • Must have a Black-Type Race Quality Score (RQS) equal to or above the established minimum Race Quality Score for its age/sex division. New races with a minimum purse of $75,000 available to all entries may be submitted to North American ICSC for review to determine if the inaugural running will receive black-type status. A list of stakes races and their non-Listed black-type status by year starting with 2014 is available at

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