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Portfolio Setup

How to Set Up Your Horse Portfolio
After completing the subscription process you are ready to set up your portfolio of horses. Selecting the option to Add a Horse begins the process. Enter the name of a horse. If you are unsure of the year of birth (YOB) and dam's name, leave it blank and select the Next button. The system will display all horse names that match the name you entered. Select the appropriate horse by clicking on the correct horse name. The next screen displays the basic pedigree information for this horse. It also includes an area where you can enter the purchase date, purchase price, appraised value & insured value. assigns a horse-type attribute automatically. You can change this default by selecting a different horse-type. Changing the horse type will dictate what information is available for this horse. For example, a broodmare horse-type will provide you a complete produce history for the mare. Changing a horse-type from a broodmare to an In-training horse changes the information to the lifetime starts for the subject horse. Giving you the option to change the horse-type offers you the most flexibility in obtaining important information about your horses. But please keep in mind you cannot reclassify a broodmare as a sire or vice versa.

The horse entry screen also offers an option to make a one-time purchase of the most detailed information available for this horse. For example, if the subject horse is classified as In-training, this option allows you to purchase (for a one-time only fee) the lifetime starts for this horse. For a broodmare, this option allows you to purchase (also on a one-time basis) the lifetime race earnings, auction history, best race class and links to even more information for the subject mare and all her progeny. For a one-time setup fee of #dotLifetimeStartsPrice# you will get the most comprehensive information available for your horse. As long as this horse remains in your portfolio, you'll never incur this charge again.

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